Grace and Courtesy


saying hello and goodbye politely: looking in the eye and smiling (shaking hands)

welcoming a visitor:  looking in the eye and smiling, being hospitable


introducing people to each other


Please and Thank you


being silent, listening


offering and helping others


table manners


waiting for a pause, attract attention, "Excuse me"

Opening doors

opening with care, using handle properly, closing gently

Moving quietly

moving around the classroom without disruption


giving way to others at a doorway


walking the line (increase concentration by carrying a bell, glass of water etc)

Using mats

defining personal workspace with a mat or carpet, rolling and carrying mats


walking around a mat




trays - initially empty, then with objects, then liquids


returning activities to the shelf


scissors and pointed items on a tray preferably, or held downwards


delicate items


heavier items


how to carry, stack and sit


how to handle books with care


how to answer a call




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