About Us

About Us

Absorbent Minds Ltd. is a family run business offering excellent personal service and value for money Montessori educational equipment to education providers around the world.

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Our range includes products unique to Absorbent Minds. We always consider the educational value of our materials and the clarity of their purpose. We supply Nienhuis Montessori premium products in addition to our own brand, and Discount Montessori our outlet brand. By offering three brands we are able to fulfil all your Montessori requirements at a price to suit your budget.

This family company is run by husband and wife team Leon and Fiona Moon, with help and distractions from their three children.

Fiona is a qualified teacher having over 10 years' teaching experience in mainstream primary schools and a Montessori pre-school. She graduated from Bristol University, and studied education at the University of the West of England and at the Montessori Centre International in London.

Absorbent Minds was founded in 2004 and was named after one of Dr Maria Montessori’s books ‘The Absorbent Mind’ which explains how young children absorb knowledge through their interactions with the world. As educators we aim to provide a range of experiences for children to find the ideal stimuli to encourage them to develop, therefore the Montessori learning environment is carefully considered, everything is chosen for a reason and nothing is superfluous or distracting. The children can then follow the interests of their absorbent minds and choose activities that fulfil their needs.