The Exercises of Practical Life

The Exercises of Practical Life
  Grace and Courtesy  
    Manners ·       saying hello and goodbye politely: looking in the eye and smiling (shaking hands)
      ·       welcoming a visitor:  looking in the eye and smiling, being hospitable
      ·       introducing people to each other
      ·       Please and Thank you
      ·       being silent, listening
      ·       offering and helping others
      ·       table manners
    Interrupting ·       waiting for a pause, attract attention, "Excuse me"
    Opening doors ·       opening with care, using handle properly, closing gently
    Moving quietly ·       moving around the classroom without disruption
      ·       giving way to others at a doorway
      ·       walking the line (increase concentration by carrying a bell, glass of water etc)
    Using mats ·       defining personal workspace with a mat or carpet, rolling and carrying mats
      ·       walking around a mat
    Carrying ·       mats
      ·       trays - initially empty, then with objects, then liquids
      ·       returning activities to the shelf
      ·       scissors and pointed items
      ·       delicate items
      ·       heavier items
    Chairs ·       how to carry, stack and sit
    Books ·       how to handle books with care
    Telephone ·       how to answer a call
    Gift ·       wrapping
  Self Care  
    Hygiene ·       combing/brushing hair
      ·       plaiting cords
      ·       plaiting hair
      ·       cleaning Teeth
      ·       blowing nose, coughing, sneezing
      ·       washing hands
      ·       washing face
      ·       nail care
      ·       cleaning spectacles
      ·       polishing shoes
    Dressing ·       dressing frames
      ·       removing and putting on a coat
      ·       removing and putting on gloves, socks, boots, shoes
      ·       lacing shoes
      ·       folding napkins along lines
      ·       folding clothes
      ·       hanging up clothes
      ·       pairing and folding socks
      ·       ironing clothes
      ·       folding a shirt using a cardboard guide
      ·       packing a suitcase
      ·       brushing lint from clothes
      ·       dressing independently
      ·       rolling a tie
      ·       tying a tie
    Dry materials ·       a range of beans, pulses and grains or pasta
      ·       a range of different vessels and jugs
    Liquid ·       2 identical jugs, using a small sponge for drips
      ·       larger jug to smaller jugs (various different combinations)
      ·       pouring equal amounts into multiple jugs or glasses
      ·       to a marked line
      ·       a measured amount
      ·       using a funnel
      ·       using a sieve
      ·       pouring from a teapot to a cup
      ·       a large pitcher to a bucket
      ·       between a watering can and a bucket
    Dry materials ·       a range of beans, pulses and grains or pasta etc
      ·       a range of different containers, spoons and tongs
      ·       grasping by hand
      ·       picking up small items with fingers
      ·       ladling cotton balls
      ·       spooning with a deep spoon
      ·       spooning with a shallow spoon
      ·       using a scoop
      ·       using tongs
      ·       using tweezers
      ·       using chopsticks (or training chopsticks)
      ·       using above ideas but sort by colour, type of seed/bean etc
    Liquid ·       with a sponge
      ·       with a ladle
      ·       with a baster
      ·       with a pipette
      ·       with a syringe
      ·       with a sponge and garlic press
      ·       with a water pump
  Care of Environment
    Cleaning ·       wearing an apron
      ·       dusting (duster cloth, feather duster, dusting brush)
      ·       crumbing a table
      ·       dustpan and brush
      ·       sweeping floor
      ·       using a vacuum
      ·       sweeping a path
      ·       raking gravel smooth
      ·       raking up fallen leaves
      ·       scrubbing a table
      ·       wiping up a spill
      ·       mopping spills on the floor
      ·       tidying the room
      ·       putting brooms on hooks
      ·       disposing in a bin
      ·       recycling
    Polishing ·       mirror
      ·       wood or furniture
      ·       silver or brass
      ·       shoes
      ·       spectacles
      ·       making a cotton bud
      ·       polishing pennies or small objects with a cotton bud
    Washing ·       pegging on a fixed edge
      ·       pegging on a line
      ·       washing cloths
      ·       pegging cloths to dry
      ·       washing up dishes
      ·       drying dishes
      ·       cleaning windows
      ·       scrubbing a shell
      ·       washing fruit and vegetables
      ·       cleaning cutlery and sorting to put away
    Plants ·       watering plants
      ·       flower arranging
      ·       growing herbs
      ·       weeding
      ·       flower pressing
      ·       dusting and wiping houseplant leaves
      ·       harvesting plants
      ·       feeding the birds
  Opening and Closing
      ·       doors, cupboards and drawers
      ·       bottles with stoppers
      ·       mini bottles with screw top lids
      ·       small jars with screw top lids
      ·       small stacking boxes / tins
      ·       Matryoshka 
      ·       nuts and bolts
      ·       door handles
      ·       various latches
      ·       padlocks with keys and combinations
·       replacing battery in a torch
    Lacing ·       lacing large beads
      ·       lacing smaller beads in a pattern
      ·       simple post threading following instructions
      ·       complex post threading following a pattern
      ·       threading shapes
      ·       threading patterns on a perforated board
      ·       weaving ribbons or paper strips on a grid
      ·       weaving wool or string
      ·       plaiting
      ·       lacing frames
      ·       lacing a shoe
    Sewing ·       winding a bobbin
      ·       threading a needle
      ·       sewing cardboard strips with holes
      ·       sewing shape templates with holes
      ·       sewing a giant button
      ·       sewing a button onto fabric
      ·       simple running stitch on binka
      ·       simple cross stitch
  Using tools  
    Cooking ·       rolling placemat
      ·       setting a place at a table
      ·       using a whisk or rotary whisk to make bubbles
      ·       juicing a lemon or orange
      ·       spreading butter, jam, cream cheese, hummus, etc on toast or crackers
      ·       chopping up a carrot or banana with a crinkle cutter
      ·       peeling a carrot
      ·       chopping an apple with an apple slicer
      ·       kneading dough
      ·       rolling out dough
      ·       using cookie cutters 
      ·       grinding with a pestle and mortar: grains, salt or spices
      ·       using a nutcracker
      ·       using a grater
      ·       grinding with a mill: coffee, salt, nutmeg
      ·       cutting banana or playdough with a knife and fork
      ·       sieving  salt from grains
      ·       sieving solids from a liquid
      ·       sifting flour
      ·       measuring liquids
      ·       using balance scales
      ·       pouring water, juice or milk
      ·       folding and rolling a napkin with napkin rings
      ·       laying the table
      ·       preparing snack
      ·       serving others
      ·       making a packed lunch
      ·       simple recipe cooking
    Stationery ·       sharpening a pencil
      ·       stapling sheets of paper together
      ·       punching holes in paper
      ·       joining punched paper with treasury tags
      ·       paper clipping paper together
      ·       punching with a pricker
      ·       cutting paper with scissors along lines
      ·       gluing cut paper to make a collage
      ·       using a ruler to draw a line
      ·       using a ruler to measure
      ·       using a magnifying glass to observe a natural object
      ·       tracing
    Tools ·       putting on safety glasses or goggles
      ·       hammering nails into a cork board
      ·       hammering golf tees into playdough
      ·       using a screwdriver
      ·       using a spanner
      ·       using a hex key
      ·       replacing battery in a torch
      ·       using a tape measure
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