Pouring Ideas

  • Pouring coloured water between 1 larger jug and 2 equal small jugs on a tray, with sponge for drips.

  • Pouring to different sizes of 3 or more jugs or carafes of differing capacity.  Pour from smallest to next smallest then to largest.  Use a small sponge for the drips.

  • Pouring from large jug into 3 mini jugs to give them the same amount then back to large jug.

  • Pouring coloured water from a glass jug to a glass jar with a line marked for the water height, with a small sponge for drips

  • Pouring from a jug into a bottle or carafe using a funnel, with a sponge for drips

  • Pouring water from a glass jug through a funnel to a narrow necked glass bottle, with a small sponge for drips, on a tray

  • Pouring water and shells from one jug through a sieve to another jug, with a small sponge for drips, on a tray

  • Pouring 300ml water from a glass jug containing approx 400ml into a clearly marked measuring jug, on a tray

  • Pouring into 3 or more different measuring jugs or beakers.  You may want a card in the tray stating the amount of water to be measured, note the different levels of the same volume in the different containers.

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