Practical Life Video Demonstrations

Please find a selection of useful video clips to help and inspire you.  We are always open to new suggestions so please do email any video links that you think others would like to see.  Many individual products on our website also have video clips.  We cannot take responsibility for these links as they are hosted on external websites, thank you to all those involved with making these freely available.  We take no responsibility for the safety of these suggestions - please always assess the risks of activities you present to children.

Pouring Rice

Pouring Water


Montessori Small Glass Jug (250ml)


Montessori Mini Ceramic Jug (110ml)

Pouring with a funnel

Montessori Funnel

Using a Funnel

Montessori Funnel

Pouring to a line

Pouring to measure

Montessori Measuring Cylinders Set

Using a sieve

tea strainer sieve

Transferring with a spoon

Transferring with a ladle

Using tongs

Montessori Meatball Tongs

Transferring with Metal Tongs

Montessori Metal Tongs

Sorting Beads

Montessori 4 Compartment Sorting Tray

Using training chopsticks

Montessori Training Chopsticks

Transferring using a syringe

Montessori set of 2 syringes 5ml and 20ml

Transferring with a Sponge

Montessori Transferring Dish with 2 Compartments



Tweezer tongs

Wooden Tweezer Tongs

Montessori wooden tweezers

Wooden Bowl

Montessori Wooden Bowl

Small Ceramic Bowl

Montessori Small Ceramic Bowl

Jumbo Pipette

Buckling Dressing Frame

Cloth Lacing Dressing Frame

Montessori Cloth Lacing Dressing Frame

Hook and Eye Dressing Frame

Montessori Hook and Eye Dressing Frame

Button Dressing Frame

Montessori Large Button Dressing Frame

Snapping Dressing Frame


Montessori Juicer

Shoe Polishing

Montessori 2 Shoe Polishing Brushes

Lacing Beads

Montessori Outlet Chunky Lacing Beads


Montessori Garden Apron
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Instructional video series by Margaret Homfray who was trained and authorised by Dr Maria Montessori herself. These are definitely worth watching. This link takes you away from our website where you can view the complete series of presentations. Miss Homfray worked closely with Dr Montessori for many years so these video presentations are a very valuable resource.