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Educo Montessori Inspired Toy Set from 4 months

Educo Montessori Inspired Toy Set from 4 months

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First toys for a baby from 4 months.

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First toys for a baby from 4 months.

Rattles and Rings: These are easy for a child to hold and stimulate grasping and gripping.  Tactile, auditory and visual senses are developed. 

The shapes of ‘Move the dolio’ are easy for a child to grasp. It stimulates grasping and gripping. The moving parts encourage the child to shake the Dolio, giving the child greater control of their hands and arms. Hand-to-hand transfers are encouraged. The body axis is traversed. The child discovers their own hands and can grasp and move in a more targeted way. This is encouraged and practised. The mouth is the most sensitive part of a child’s body, which is why they tend to put everything in their mouth. ‘Move the Dolio’ was designed with this in mind.

This rolling rattle is colourful and makes noise, stimulating the senses. With ‘Rattle the cylinder’, a child develops controlled movement and gains greater control over their hands. The rattle encourages movement and exercises the muscles in the child’s torso that are needed for crawling. 

These blocks are of an appropriate size for a baby. They build the child’s mathematical and spatial skills. The blocks will be used throughout the coming years. Helps children gain control and mastery over their hands and helps build the muscles in their trunk.

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