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Fraction blocks (NL)

Fraction blocks (NL)

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Colourful set of 10 unbreakable strips. One strip represents a whole number; the other nine are flexible and can be folded into half or up to a tenth part. The length of the parts of the strips help to give a clear picture of the part-whole relationship. The nuances of a colour indicate which fractions are related to each other.

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Calculating with fractions requires a certain degree of abstraction. In order to be able to deal with this properly, a solid foundation is very important. These ‘Fraction blocks’ allow children to calculate with fractions using concrete material and a clear representation of the fraction.


•78 wooden blocks
•wooden frame (26 × 26 cm)

This item will be sent from Nienhuis, please see our Delivery Page for details. Any additional postage charge will be calculated in the checkout as Nienhuis Delivery (NL). This is an educational product and is only to be used under the supervision of professional trained adults in a school environment.

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