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Nienhuis ETC Upper Elementary Botany Nomenclature (NL)

Nienhuis ETC Upper Elementary Botany Nomenclature (NL)

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The Upper Elementary Botany Nomenclature is designed with a focus on the function and adaptation of plants.
ï Life Cycles of Plants
ï Adaptations in Plant Reproduction
ï Advanced Functions of Various Parts of a Root
ï Basic Root Adaptations
ï Advanced Parts of the Stem
ï Parts of a Woody Stem in Winter
ï Stem Adaptations and Functions
ï Advanced Parts of a Leaf
ï Leaf Attachments
ï Leaf Adaptations
ï Advanced Functional Parts of a Flower
ï Pollinators and Flowers
ï Advanced Adaptations of Flower Parts
ï Fruit Functions
ï Fruit Adaptations
ï Function and Adaptations of a Dicot Seed (Parts of a Bean Seed)
ï Function and Adaptations of a Monocot Seed (Parts of a Corn Seed)
Since this part of the botany nomenclature was written specifically for the upper elementary students, the following benefits are associated with these materials: Written in a language that is easy to understand and designed specifically for upper elementary students, to examine advanced concepts associated with botany. Real pictures of every concept examined. Completely up-to-date and accurate. Includes the following:
ï 106 total Nomenclature cards
ï 19 total Control Charts
ï 17 total Booklets This item will be sent from Nienhuis, please see our Delivery Page for details. Any additional postage charge will be calculated in the checkout as Nienhuis Delivery (NL).

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