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Pavement / playground chalk

Pavement / playground chalk

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Thick chalks in bright colours which blend well. Can be easily removed with water. The rectangle shape makes the chalks easy to handle. Cardboard box of 7 chalks in assorted colours. Please choose standard tracked delivery for additional packaging for additional protection from damage. If opting for untracked post it is possible the chalks will be damaged at your risk.

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Product Description

Thick chalks in bright colours which blend well.

Can be easily removed with water.

The rectangle shape makes the chalks easy to handle.

Cardboard box of 7 chalks in assorted colours.

Blending offers a lesson in colour mixing (see purple in rainbow picture).

Colours included: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Brown, White.

Size of each Chalk Stick: 10cm x 2cm x 2cm

Pavement chalk can be used in a variety of fun and creative ways. Here are some ideas:

  1. Use pavement chalk to create colourful and intricate designs on pavements, playgrounds or driveways. 

  2. Hopscotch: Draw a traditional hopscotch game, complete with numbered squares and a finishing line.

  3. Educational activities: Use chalk to draw letters, numbers, and shapes on the pavement to help young children learn.

  4. Inspirational quotes: Write inspiring or motivational quotes on the pavement to uplift and inspire those who pass by.

  5. Messages of love and support: Use pavement chalk to write messages of love and support for essential workers, healthcare professionals, or anyone who needs a little encouragement.

  6. Outdoor games: Draw games like noughts and crosses, four square, or even a life-size board game on the playground.

  7. Chalk art contest: Have participants draw their best creations and vote on the winners.

  8. Exercise activities: Draw exercise activities like jumping jacks, lunges, and squats  to encourage physical activity.

  9. Photo opportunities: Create a colourful backdrop for photoshoots by using pavement chalk to draw interesting patterns or designs.

  10. Social distancing reminders: Use pavement chalk to remind people to keep a safe distance from each other by drawing circles or squares on the pavement to show where to stand.

  11. Create sidewalk chalk paint: Crush the old chalk into a fine powder and mix it with water to create sidewalk chalk paint. This can be used to draw and paint on sidewalks or other outdoor surfaces.  Crush when damp to avoid dust.

  12. Use it for marking fabric: You can use chalk to mark fabric before cutting or sewing. Simply rub the chalk over the fabric where you need to mark it, and then wipe it away once you are finished.

  13. Clean metal and glass: Chalk can be used to clean metal and glass surfaces, such as windows and mirrors. Crush the chalk into a fine paste mixed with a little water. Use a cloth to apply the paste to the surface and then wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

  14. Draw a city with chalk on the floor, complete with roads and “bridges,” or a racetrack. On a large scale, a tricycle can be ridden on the streets.  Drawn on a somewhat smaller scale, children can push toy cars, etc along the roads.

  15. Chalk rubbings. Place thin items with texture underneath paper: leaves, twigs, coins, and keys. Using the chalk on its side, get children to rub over the top of the items, which leaves the pattern on the paper.

  16. For use in a sensory bin or table, mix ground, coloured chalk with table salt. This mixture can be scooped, measured, poured into funnels etc.

  17. Children learn a great deal about the sun’s movement by observing and noting the shadows at various times of the day. With chalk they can trace the shadows of trees and other objects outdoors or of a willing person who is standing still for a few minutes. After tracing, they can draw and colour in the details.

  18. Draw a chalk maze, and challenge them to find a way out of the maze.



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