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Picture Alphabet Cards .Pdf

Picture Alphabet Cards .Pdf

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Picture Alphabet Cards .Pdf


A card file to make a picture alphabet to help teach initial sounds. Each letter has a clear photograph of an easily identifiable object, wherever possible these objects have simple phonic words.

The picture shows a selection of the cards as a suggestion of how to prepare them.


Play games with the picture alphabet cards without the letter cards. Encourage the child to say the initial sound of each word.

For example, a – ant, c – cat, etc.

(use “a” as it sounds in “ant” not in “ate” and “c” as in “cat” not in “ceiling”, minimise the ugh sound: say nn not nugh)


Choose three cards and play “I Spy”, by having a limited choice the child has a good chance of success. You can also use everyday objects and build up a collection for the whole alphabet.


Once a child recognises letters they can match the pictures to the initial sound and once they can read they can match the words to the pictures.


PLEASE NOTE: A link to download this Adobe .pdf file to make cards will be e-mailed to the buyer and therefore there are no postage costs. You will need to print and mount the cards yourself. These items are copyrighted Adobe .pdf files, for personal use only, neither the file nor any part thereof may be shared, e-mailed or posted on the internet in any form. It is a condition of this sale that you agree to these terms, by purchasing you are accepting them. Download links are available in your account dashboard, please download and save to your harddrive before they expire.



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