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Simple Flower Press

Simple Flower Press

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A small flower/leaf press to enable nature study. The central press is easy to operate and provides central pressure.

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Simple Flower Press


A small flower/leaf press to enable nature study. The central press is easy to operate and much less fiddly than having 4 wing nuts.


A flower press is a device used to flatten and dry flowers and other botanical specimens for use in crafts or preservation. Here are the steps to use a flower press:

  1. Start by gathering the flowers or botanical specimens you want to press. Choose specimens that are fresh and in good condition, without any signs of damage or decay.

  2. Open the flower press and place one of the cardboard pieces on the bottom of the press. Then, lay the blotting paper on top of the cardboard.

  3. Arrange the flowers or botanical specimens on top of the blotting paper. Make sure they are spaced out evenly and not overlapping.

  4. Place another piece of blotting paper on top of the flowers, followed by another piece of cardboard.

  5. Repeat the process of layering the flowers, blotting paper, and cardboard until the press is full or you have used up all of your specimens.

  6. Close the press and tighten the screw to apply pressure to the specimens. The pressure should be tight enough to flatten the specimens but not so tight as to damage them.

  7. Leave the press in a dry, warm place for several days to several weeks, depending on the thickness of the specimens and the humidity of the environment.

  8. After the specimens are fully dry, carefully remove them from the press. They can then be used for crafts or other projects.

  9. Store the press in a dry place for future use.


ELG: Moving and handling: children show good control and co-ordination in large and small movements. They move confidently in a range of ways, safely negotiating space. They handle equipment and tools effectively, including pencils for writing.


15 x 15 cm base, approx 12 x12 cm pressing area

Wooden frame with cardboard and absorbent paper inserts, additional inserts available to increase the capacity or replace old inserts.

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