Folding And Rolling Ideas

  •  Ask the child to bring the rug to the work space, unroll it then roll it up and return it to its storage space

  • Folding and rolling mats or napkins and putting into a napkin ring, stored on a tray.

  • Lay a place setting on the mat, add a napkin and napkin ring for additional rolling practice.

  • Folding cloths along embroidered lines, stored on a tray.

  • Pairing and folding socks, stored on a tray. Pairing socks is a very useful skill to learn and can be practised easily at home. Here brightly coloured socks add appeal to the activity. Using toddler socks helps as they are small enough to be easily handled.

  • Folding a shirt using a cardboard guide.

  • Packing a suitcase: t-shirt, shorts, pants, socks, etc.

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We take no responsibility for the safety of these suggestions - please always assess the risks of activities you present to children.

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