Threading, Lacing and Sewing Ideas

  • Large beads on a lace, kept in a wooden box.

  • Threading beads at random or alternating colours, increase difficulty with the number of colours.

  • The child can devise own pattern or follow a diagram.

  • Weaving ribbons or paper strips on a grid, (can also weave natural materials)

  • Plaiting Board

  • Lacing frames

  • Lacing a shoe

  • Winding a bobbin

  • Sewing a giant button to learn the process, extend by sewing on to laminated card with holes punched to match the button

  • Threading a needle: Large blunt needle and stiff cotton thread (rubbing with beeswax helps stiffen the thread), a needle threader can be used for smaller needles, vary the needle and increase the difficulty.

  • Sewing a button on to taut binca with an embroidery ring

  • Sewing running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch on binca with an embroidery ring

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We take no responsibility for the safety of these suggestions - please always assess the risks of activities you present to children.

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